PowWow is a hardware platform for wireless sensor networks (WSN) and its associated software infrastructure. As the main  constraint in WSN is energy consumption, both are specifically designed to be very energy efficient:
  1. To reduce the radio activity, the MAC layer is based on an asynchronous rendez-vous scheme initiated by the receiver
  2. Architectural and circuit level optimizations were performed to design the platorms, which offer the possibility to add efficient FPGA co-processing
  3. The software is derived from the Protothread library of Contiki and offers the flexibility and the compactness of event-driven programming

As a consequence, PowWow requires a lighter hardware system than ZigBee to be processed (memory usage is less than 10kb), the lifetime of WSN is increased, and the price per node is decreased.
Currently some demo applications are provided (a temperature monitoring and a motion tracking for mobile node) and PowWow is already used in several research projects (CAPTIV, SVP, GEODES).
In order to optimize the network regarding a particular application, PowWow offers the following extra features:
  • over-the-air re-programmation (and  soon reconfiguration)
  • analytical power estimation based on software profiling and power measurements
  • a network analyzer to probe and fix transmission errors in the network
principe des réseau de capteur
A typical Wireless Sensor Network
     All Powwow components are released in public domain (GPL version 3).