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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
AAA_DOC.c [code]
AppliBouton.c [code]Description : Application file for the manging of the buttons
baseCommunication.c [code]The prototread and all the procedure to manage the network by the host
baseEnregistreNoeud.c [code]Description : Management when we receive un message "NODE_COORD"
baseGestionTemperature.c [code]Description : Management of request of temperature on a node of the network
BITE.H [code]Description : type definition and define of the manipulations of the pins
bootloader.c [code]Description : bootloader software for powwow reprogramming system
burning_land.c [code]Description : management of sending buffer
cc2420.c [code]Functions to monitore radio chip : interface, calibrate
cc2420.h [code]Description : prototypes of functions used in cc2420.c
cc2420reg.h [code]Description : cc2420 register descriptions given by ChipCon
code_crc.c [code]Description : calculus of the CRC32
code_crc.h [code]Description : functions used for the crc32 calculus made in the link layer if the crc16 in the cc2420 is deactivated
com_ConnVois.c [code]Description : Order a 'REQvois' and management when we receive a message 'REPvois'
com_CoordBase.c [code]
com_emission.c [code]Management of Buffer_envoi
com_liaison.c [code]Description : link layer
com_MAJtabVois.c [code]Description : dedicated protothread to update the neighborhood table
com_reception.c [code]Management of Buffer_recep
com_REQvois.c [code]Description : Management when we receive a message 'REQvois'
com_reseau.c [code]Description : network layer
com_simulhorloge.c [code]PT thread managing software clock
Temperature/com_timers.c [code]
TEST/com_timers.c [code]
controller.h [code]Description : prototypes of the functions used by controllercc2420.c
controllerCC2420.c [code]Controller of the module HF using pseudo csma-ca
convert_bootloader_file.c [code]
convert_powwow_node_file2.c [code]
custom_phy.c [code]Description : Main for embedded part of powwow packet sniffer
display_info.c [code]Functions to make easier printing differents kind of informations on serial
display_info.h [code]Description : Prototypes of the functions of display_info.c
Environment.h [code]To include the library of the apropriate microcontroller
fifo.c [code]Description : file that defines the use of the RS232 fifo
fifo.h [code]Fifo library
fifo_serial.c [code]
fifo_serial.h [code]
flash_memory.c [code]
flash_memory.h [code]Description : prototypes of functions used in flash_memory.c
hal_spi.h [code]Description : file given by texas instrument for the PHY layer
hal_wait.c [code]Wait function
hal_wait.h [code]Description : Runs an idle loop for [timeout] microseconds
in430.h [code]
include.h [code]Description : file given by ChipCon, options of compilation (gcc or iar)
INCLUDE_DOC.c [code]
lc-switch.h [code]
LC.H [code]
LINK_DOC.c [code]
MAC_DOC.c [code]
MAIN.C [code]Description : Initialize hardware and software parameters Initialize and schedule the protothreads
Temperature/manage_send_buffer.c [code]
TEST/manage_send_buffer.c [code]
Bootloader/INCLUDES/ManagePT.h [code]
Sniffer_embbeded/INCLUDES/ManagePT.h [code]
Temperature/INCLUDES/ManagePT.h [code]
TEST/INCLUDES/ManagePT.h [code]
Bootloader/INCLUDES/Messages.h [code]
Sniffer_embbeded/INCLUDES/Messages.h [code]
Temperature/INCLUDES/Messages.h [code]
TEST/INCLUDES/Messages.h [code]
TEST_PHY/INCLUDES/Messages.h [code]
msp430.h [code]Description : definig the I/Os
msp430FET.h [code]Description : file given by ChipCon
Bootloader/INCLUDES/NodeDef.h [code]
Sniffer_embbeded/INCLUDES/NodeDef.h [code]
Temperature/INCLUDES/NodeDef.h [code]
TEST/INCLUDES/NodeDef.h [code]
TEST_PHY/INCLUDES/NodeDef.h [code]
NodeDef_sauv.h [code]
noeudFirstInit.c [code]Description : First initialization when the node has just powered on and a network already exists
noeudGestionTemperature.c [code]Description : Management of reception of a message TEMPERATURE
noeudInfoToSB.c [code]Description : management of information to transmit to the base station
NWK_DOC.c [code]
order_reprog.c [code]Description : Application for order to neighbour to switch on bootloader
param_flash.h [code]Description : definig the parameters in flash
PHY_DOC.c [code]
Bootloader/INCLUDES/ProgConfig.h [code]
Sniffer_embbeded/INCLUDES/ProgConfig.h [code]
Temperature/INCLUDES/ProgConfig.h [code]
TEST/INCLUDES/ProgConfig.h [code]
TEST_PHY/INCLUDES/ProgConfig.h [code]
PT-SEM.H [code]
PT.H [code]
reprogrammation.c [code]Description : function use in bootloader and powwow to adding reprogrammation feature
reprogrammation.h [code]Description : constant, struct and function prototype for reprogrammation feature
Resize_Nb_top.c [code]
Resize_Nb_top.h [code]Description : prototypes of functions used in Resize_Nb_top.c
rien.c [code]
SERIAL.C [code]Device-level routines for MSP430F149 usart (2)
SERIAL.H [code]Description : prototypes of the functions used by serial.c
set_hardware.c [code]
set_hardware.h [code]
sniffer.c [code]Description : Main for embedded part of powwow packet sniffer
TEMP_DOC.c [code]
temperature.c [code]Measure of temperature using MSP embedded sensor and ADC12 module
temperature.h [code]Description : prototypes of the functions used by temperature.c
test_flash.c [code]Description : Main for flash memory test
test_frequence.c [code]Main for test master clock frequency switch
TEST_NWK.c [code]Description : Testing application, each button send a message to an identified neighbor LED are toggling according to the message received
TEST_NWK_DOC.c [code]
test_phy.c [code]Description : Main for physical layer tests
thread_reprog.c [code]Description : Application for reprog buffer management
time.c [code]Times functions
timedef.h [code]Description : prototypes of the functions used for timing
Bootloader/INCLUDES/TimeManage.h [code]
Sniffer_embbeded/INCLUDES/TimeManage.h [code]
Temperature/INCLUDES/TimeManage.h [code]
TEST/INCLUDES/TimeManage.h [code]
TEST_PHY/INCLUDES/TimeManage.h [code]
timerB.c [code]
tracage.h [code]
Bootloader/CONFIG/VG.C [code]
Temperature/CONFIG/VG.C [code]
VG_TEST_NWK.C [code]
VT100.C [code]Initializes vt100 terminal
VT100.H [code]The following listing defines the basic elements of the ANSI mode control sequences

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