ManagePT.h File Reference

#include <pt.h>

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Data Structures

struct  flag_protothreads


 PT_THREAD (Test_NWK_Base(struct pt *pt))
 PT_THREAD (reseau(struct pt *pt))
 PT_THREAD (liaison(struct pt *pt))
 PT_THREAD (burning_land(struct pt *pt))
 PT_THREAD (purge_send_buffer(struct pt *pt))
 PT_THREAD (gestionTimers(struct pt *pt))
 PT_THREAD (gestionBouton(struct pt *pt))
 PT_THREAD (simuleHorloge(struct pt *pt))
 Manage software system clock.
 PT_THREAD (driverReception(struct pt *pt))
 Manage reception buffer.
 PT_THREAD (driverEmission(struct pt *pt))
 Manage emission buffer.

Function Documentation

PT_THREAD ( Test_NWK_Base(struct pt *pt  ) 

PT_THREAD ( reseau(struct pt *pt  ) 

PT_THREAD ( liaison(struct pt *pt  ) 

PT_THREAD ( burning_land(struct pt *pt  ) 

Definition at line 17 of file burning_land.c.

References Buffer_envoi, flag_protothreads::burning_land, Flag_PT, PT_BEGIN, PT_END, PT_WAIT_UNTIL, Ptr_envoi, and serial_puts().

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PT_THREAD ( purge_send_buffer(struct pt *pt  ) 

PT_THREAD ( gestionTimers(struct pt *pt  ) 

PT_THREAD ( gestionBouton(struct pt *pt  ) 

ETAT_BOUTON1==0 -> Button1 pressed

ETAT_BOUTON1==1 -> Button1 released

ETAT_BOUTON2==0 -> Button2 pressed

ETAT_BOUTON2==1 -> Button2 released

ETAT_BOUTON3==0 -> Button3 pressed

ETAT_BOUTON3==1 -> Button3 released

ETAT_BOUTON23==0 -> Button4 pressed

ETAT_BOUTON3==1 -> Button4 released

Definition at line 18 of file AppliBouton.c.

References BOUTON1, BOUTON2, BOUTON3, BOUTON4, ETAT_BOUTON1, ETAT_BOUTON2, ETAT_BOUTON3, ETAT_BOUTON4, F_TimeOut, Flag_PT, flag_protothreads::gestionBouton, PT_BEGIN, PT_END, and PT_WAIT_UNTIL.

PT_THREAD ( simuleHorloge(struct pt *pt  ) 

Manage software system clock.

[in] pt : pointer to PThread structure

Definition at line 50 of file com_simulhorloge.c.

References clock_cour, clock_prec, clockb(), flag_Clock_ticks_carry, Flag_PT, NB_TICK_MAX, Nb_top, PT_BEGIN, PT_END, PT_WAIT_UNTIL, Resize_Nb_top(), flag_protothreads::simuleHorloge, and TIME_BASE.

Here is the call graph for this function:

PT_THREAD ( driverReception(struct pt *pt  ) 

PT_THREAD ( driverEmission(struct pt *pt  ) 

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