tracage.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  flag_execution


unsigned int cpt_ex_other
unsigned long cpt_ex_ras
unsigned int cpt_ex_recep_coll
unsigned int cpt_ex_recep_notrans
unsigned int cpt_ex_recep_ok
unsigned int cpt_ex_recep_overflow
unsigned int cpt_ex_trans_coll
unsigned int cpt_ex_trans_nowakeup
unsigned int cpt_ex_trans_ok
unsigned int cpt_ex_trans_underflow
unsigned int cpt_recep_repvoisin_toolate
unsigned int cpt_retrans
unsigned long deadline_tracage
flag_execution flag_exec

Variable Documentation

unsigned int cpt_ex_other

unsigned long cpt_ex_ras

unsigned int cpt_ex_recep_coll

unsigned int cpt_ex_recep_notrans

unsigned int cpt_ex_recep_ok

unsigned int cpt_ex_recep_overflow

unsigned int cpt_ex_trans_coll

unsigned int cpt_ex_trans_nowakeup

unsigned int cpt_ex_trans_ok

unsigned int cpt_ex_trans_underflow

unsigned int cpt_retrans

unsigned long deadline_tracage

Definition at line 83 of file Bootloader/CONFIG/VG.C.

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