Local continuations

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file  lc-switch.h
file  LC.H


#define __LC_SWTICH_H__
#define LC_END(s)   }
#define LC_INIT(s)   s = 0;
#define LC_RESUME(s)   switch(s) { case 0:
#define LC_SET(s)   s = __LINE__; case __LINE__:


typedef unsigned short lc_t

Detailed Description

Local continuations form the basis for implementing protothreads. A local continuation can be set in a specific function to capture the state of the function. After a local continuation has been set can be resumed in order to restore the state of the function at the point where the local continuation was set.

Define Documentation

#define __LC_SWTICH_H__

Definition at line 58 of file lc-switch.h.

#define LC_END (  )     }

Definition at line 72 of file lc-switch.h.

#define LC_INIT (  )     s = 0;

Definition at line 66 of file lc-switch.h.

#define LC_RESUME (  )     switch(s) { case 0:

Definition at line 68 of file lc-switch.h.

#define LC_SET (  )     s = __LINE__; case __LINE__:

Definition at line 70 of file lc-switch.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned short lc_t

Definition at line 64 of file lc-switch.h.

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