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Description : calculus of the CRC32. More...

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unsigned long crc32MakeTableMethod (unsigned long crc, const unsigned long *table, unsigned char *pbuffer, unsigned int length)
 32-bit CRC Algorithms, table methods

Detailed Description

Description : calculus of the CRC32.

Definition in file code_crc.c.

Function Documentation

unsigned long crc32MakeTableMethod ( unsigned long  crc,
const unsigned long *  table,
unsigned char *  pbuffer,
unsigned int  length 

32-bit CRC Algorithms, table methods

[in] arg1,: CRC init value
[in] arg2,: pointer to CRC table (specific to generator polynomial)
[in] arg3,: pointer to the message
[in] arg4,: size of message in bytes

Definition at line 10 of file code_crc.c.

Referenced by PT_THREAD().

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